Typhoon Mawar

Tamuning, Guam (May 31, 2023) - GTA is actively working around the clock to restore network services following the disruptions caused by Typhoon Mawar. The lack of island power and long fuel lines have posed significant challenges, but GTA teams are dedicated to resolving the issues and ensuring that all areas are fully restored. During these challenging times, GTA assures customers that there will be no disconnections or late fees until further notice.


Please take note of the modified hours of operation.

Store locations

  • GTA Experience Center:  8:00AM to 4:00PM; Daily
  • Micronesia Mall:  10:00AM to 6:00PM; Daily
  • Airforce Exchange Service: CLOSED
  • Navy Exchange:  CLOSED
  • GTA Call Center:   CLOSED

Support Center Hours and Contact Information:

  • Support Center Hours: 7:00AM - 7:00 PM; Daily
  • ·Call: 671-644-4482
  • Email: ask@gta.net
  • Live Chat: www.gta.net


  • Core Network: Our core network is fully operational and off-island internet connections are stable with ample capacity. We are currently running on generator power, but we have been working closely with GPA to get our Core Network sites on island power. We would like to thank them for their partnership and prioritizing GTA as critical infrastructure to keep the island connected.

  • Wireless Services: Our wireless network is operational with outages in some areas mainly due to lack of power to wireless cell sites. Our main challenges are keeping the generators fueled amid long fuel lines and restoration of island power to cell sites. However, our crews are working 24/7 to keep sites fueled and operational while we also assess and repair damaged sites. Customers that are experiencing wireless service issues can contact our Support Center for updates.

  • Fixed Services (Internet, Phone, Digital TV): GTA has been prioritizing restoration to public safety and health facilities, but our crews have begun assessing and repairing infrastructure in the villages. The restoration of island power is needed to fully restore Fixed Services (Internet, Phone, Digital TV). If island power is restored to your home or business and you have service issues, please contact our Support Center.

GTA is fully committed to restoring network services to all our customers as quickly as possible, and we deeply appreciate your patience and understanding as work to keep you connected.

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